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Vital Saunas – Better Infrared Options are Available

Vital Sauna Review – Mass Produced Infrared Saunas

Vital Saunas is a small reseller of Chinese mass-produced Infrared saunas.  Are they worth your money and will they provide true infrared therapeutic value for you?

Choosing the correct brand for you can make a dramatic positive change in your health.  This is one industry where value and benefit vary tremendously and is not always apparent.

Please read more about the real differences in the various companies and products as well as how this Vital Sauna review compares to the reviews of the top rated brands and comparison table.  In contrast, Clearlight,  Heavenly Heat or Health Mate will provide tremendous benefits invigorating you at the cellular level with massive detoxification.  This will not be experienced by an average brand, which is where Vital Saunas rate.

Infrared Saunas fall into three main quality groupings.  The top group provides exceptional healing and therapeutic benefit, the middle group provides some healing benefits and the lower group are purely recreational, providing little if any benefit.

Vital Saunas is an average company falling in the middle group.

95% of all brands sold in the US are mass produced on 4 Chinese assembly lines and Vital Sauna is one of these.  The middle group are then relabeled and resold by anyone willing to start an LLC company and begin selling products.  This is the approach Vital Saunas took in 2008.

Vital is simply a reseller of relabeled products found in dozens of other companies. How have they fared?  They have improved over time as a company and any history can easily be searched under company name.

In fact any company can be searched partly by searching their name with complaints.  Every company will likely have a couple but a lot of complaints suggests some problems.  One very prominent well known brand has a long list of dissatisfied customers with an entire customer-generated facebook page dedicated to customers posting about 6 month and longer waits on product delivery, replacement parts and even more serious problems.


Vital Sauna Heaters

Although claiming low EMFs (the dangerous Electromagnetic Fields), Vital has higher EMFs than many others in similar price range.  Their heaters are the average, standard carbon heaters used in most other brands.

This brand does lack a front heater which is really needed to produce better detoxification results.

The main disadvantage of using standard average heaters is threefold.  First, more heaters are needed up the sides and back of the cabin to produce enough heat to heat up the air.  This is typical of almost all units you view online.  Contrast this with Clearlight, a top rated company, whose heaters only need to be placed up to mid way, around should height, in the cabin.  Clearlight’s heaters are the most powerful carbon heaters in the entire industry using a convex shape and embedded ceramic fibers.  Clearlight pioneered ultra low emf that other companies have been trying to implement and is a standout brand for many reasons.

The second disadvantage of these average carbon heaters used is that they do need to reach high surface temperatures to warm up the cabin and by doing so pass by the optimal 9.4 mgs that produces true fatty tissue detoxification.  Infrared’s main benefit is getting close to this optimal resonance frequency that caused cellular resonance during which cells throw off the toxins.  This is similar to certain sound frequencies causing glass to begin to vibrate.

Without cellular resonance, toxins deep inside tissues are not released in the sweat.

While a Vital sauna is a better choice than the $1000 recreational units sold at so many chain stores, it is still a much inferior brand to Clearlight, Saunacore or Heavenly Heat Saunas.


Wood and Backrest

The wooden slats that cover and separate the user from the carbon heater panels are good but could be a little narrower to allow a bit more of the infrared to reach the user.  Infrared will not penetrate through wood so any slats, which all companies need to use if they want to protect the user and panels, should be as minimal as possible.  These are acceptable.

The backrest is ergonomically shaped and comfortable.  However the three horizontal pieces are very wide, blocking larger portions of the heat.  I believe it would be an improvement if this were minimized somewhat.



Vital has been in business for 7 years which is better than 40% of the industry’s companies that go out of business in a few years.

One thing that Vital Saunas does a bit better than most in the crowded average class is that for a reseller, they mark their products up a little less than most others.  This makes this brand a bit more appealing for someone wanting only an average product with a small to moderate amount of benefit.


Product Lines

Their Premiere Line is made of Hemlock and offers a 1-person up to a 5 person unit.  The cabin’s pieces are locked together with sturdy buckles which when used properly are a good method of securing the unit together.

Their Elite Line is made of Cedar with 1 to 5 person models ranging in prices from around $2000-$3200.


Other Features

Vital’s cabin, wood, construction, heaters and other features are simply average for the industry.  It does offer chromotherapy lights as an add on option, which are common with most brands.  It also offers an oxygen ionizer which is not common on most brands.  This is likely a custom feature obtained at the factory to offer differentiation from some other companies offering the exact same unit.

It also states having magnetic flux, magnets for magnetic therapy, which is used by only one other company.  These two options offer an appearance of uniqueness but are not needed for the infrared therapy.

In contrast, Clearlight has superior heating, standard choromotherpy lights and ceiling venting.  Saunacore and Heavenly Heat offer full cabin air circulation with the purest infrared saunas made anywhere.  Made in the USA and Canada, these superior brands utilize ultra clean #304 surgical grade stainless steel heaters with 96% efficiency.

Vital has been fairly good at their marketing over their 7 year history with heavy promotion in 2011 and 2015.  Care should be taken when reading some of the online promotion of the brand that appeared in 2011 and continuing as much of it is camouflaged company originated material, a common practice with some in the industry.



The company has a very good warranty, covering heaters, cabin and electronics with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.  This is actually a good warranty for this mid level group of companies.

Radio and speakers carry a 1 year warranty.



Vital Sauna is a small reseller with a couple exclusive features selling average products that are sold with a relatively honest approach and less markup than most mass produced resellers.  But they are still mass produced resellers like dozens of others.  These will warm you up and cause a sweat with some degree of detoxification.

Their customer service is a bit better than most and good to work with.  This is a lower budget sauna for those not wanting to wait to save up for a solid brand.  If you purchase one be realistic about what you are buying.  If you are very chemically sensitive or need deep detoxifying, this in likely not the brand for you.

However, if you are serious about your deep health and real detoxification, spend a little more money and get a Clearlight, Health Mate, Heavenly Heat or the Purity line from Saunacore. The difference you will experience will be remarkable.

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Sunlighten Sauna Review – Weak Warranty with a High Price

Could Choosing a Sunlighten Sauna  Be a Costly Mistake?

Purchasing a Sunlighten sauna seems as if it would be a straightforward decision. Simply look at the specifications and beautiful images and make an informed decision.  And as much as this first appeared to be a simple review to make, unfortunately we cannot recommend Sunlighten saunas.

When we began the process of creating this Information site on infrared saunas, we fully anticipated being able to give Sunlighten a positive review.  After all, health bloggers and even some others endorsed this company and I had read a few Sunlighten Sauna reviews that seemed to be positive.  However, as its history and facts surrounding these saunas are examined, it is clear there are  better options with much more security and benefits for the consumer.

While these products look great in pictures, it is the warranty, product design, customer support, infrared heater quality and possible safety that are lacking. This review will examine each of these in turn with supporting facts, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.


Thin Warranty for a High Priced Sauna

Reading several Sunlighten sauna Reviews, I found almost no mention of the warranty.  Although the warranty may normally be the final thing to examine, this is discussed first as it clearly demonstrates a potential flaw with this brand.

The warranty states a limited lifetime warranty, which seems to imply major parts of the Sunlighten sauna will be covered for life.  However, in the fine print it states that the defined lifetime of heaters and important parts of the sauna is deemed to be a maximum of 7 years life.  So the longest any part of the sauna will be covered is 7 years as that is stated to be the expected lifetime of this sauna.  I wish it were simply stated as a partial 7 year warranty,

This 7 years covers replacement parts only.  Any cost for a technician or labor is not covered.

Shipping costs, even on covered parts, is only for 90 days.  If the unit has a defective part, the owner pays all shipping costs.

Sounds systems and chromotherapy are covered for only 1 year.

The warranty can be found here

Contrast this with the warranty offered by HealthMate Saunas, in business for 30 years, which covers most of the sauna, including the critical heaters and electrical components for a true lifetime.  Or that of the Clearlight sauna warranty, in business for over 15 years, which has an “everything but the bulbs” warranty.  They cover wood, heaters, electrical, control panels, CD player, radio – everything – for life.  In fact in most all cases, labor is even covered should the customer need that for installation.

Those are the types of warranties a consumer really wants.


Sunlighten Saunas previously called Sunlight Sauna

In 2009, Sunlight Saunas, after 10 years in business, changed its name to Sunlighten Saunas.  On both websites and also facebook page it is stated that it is the same ownership and same business.  It is not uncommon for companies to change names.  However, Sunlight formerly had a real lifetime warranty which has now been watered down.

Additionally, a Signature sauna sold as Sunlight with a lifetime warranty is now not covered by the strong warranty it was purchased under.  The company claims a 15 year history, yet dropped all former warranties and exchanged them for a much shorter, restricted one.  Many think either a short 5 year history should be claimed, or if claiming 15 years, then standing by the warranty it had on the saunas it sold as Sunlight.  Product lines and names were continued under its current company name.


Ordinary, Standard Heaters

The Signature series, which was available even while operating under the name of Sunlight Sauna, uses an acceptable heater. It is the SoloCarbon, a standard heater used in the industry.  Sunlighten has actually done a very good job at reducing the EMF levels of these to what can be considered a “low emf sauna.” There is no unsafe emf level or toxin exposure in this product line.

However, the heaters still remain in the weaker category (as carbon panels are inherently weaker than ceramic) and are lined all the way up the back and sides of the sauna cabin walls to generate the heat needed to warm the sauna.  Unfortunately a portion of the heat never directly penetrates the user so the  infrared received is less than it could be.

Other top recommended saunas have much more powerful heaters and have a comparable or lower cost.

The newer Sunlighten mpulse product line adds the full spectrum infrared feature.  I was at first impressed with these and how they looked.  However, a few things are less than they appear.  The heater directly under the bench behind the lower legs is missing, reducing the infrared reaching the body.

Most importantly the Near infrared added consists of 4 small halogen bulb groups, each a mere 10 watts.  According to a few chiropractors, to be effective, these near infrared bulbs would need to be placed immediately next to the body.  So if a user is not sitting directly  in front of one of these 4 bulb clusters, the stated near infrared benefit is not gained.

Contrast this with the new Sanctuary Sauna line of Clearlight, which has two massive, powerful full spectrum heaters added in addition to its far infrared heaters.  Each of these powerful near and far infrared heaters are 400 watts.  With Clearlight – that is a total of 800 watts in contrast to the Sunlighten mpulse having only 40 watts total.

For those wanting some near infrared in addition to the far infrared, 800 watts with a full true lifetime warranty seems to be a better choice over 40 watts with a limited warranty.


Different Levels of Safety for mpulse and Signature Products

When the Sunlighten mpulse line was introduced, the measured emf levels ranged from between 15-50 milligaus (mG) which is much higher than the accepted safe level of 3.0 mG.  The company  now claims those levels have been reduced to around 10.0 mG in parts of the cabin, 12 inches from the heaters.  mG readings for any sauna vary depending on where the reading is taken, with the levels being highest nearest the center of the heater. It is unclear what the readings are directly near these heaters.

One of the two recommended brands has readings of well below 3.0, often 0.2 directly by the heater, as verified by an independent testing lab.

A previous product offering, the Sunlighten Sunburst heater box, now discontinued, had a design which made inefficient use of infrared.  It was a stand-alone product which packed numerous carbon panels inside a box that was nearly completely covered with downward sloping wooden side slats, effectively blocking almost all of the infrared.  This also led to a situation of overheating and some very negative costumer experiences.

After a couple episodes of “unsafe experiences,” a major health institute in the US replaced all Sunlighten saunas they had for their patients with one of the top rated brands (which we also recommend).


Customer Support

In addition to warranties no longer being fully honored, many complaints have appeared alleging shipping delays of months, many months with non-functioning units, shipping costs totally several hundred dollars to return defective units.

Remembering that these are highly marketed saunas which carry a high price tag, all of this is disappointing.


Additional Considerations

It is stated that 56 clinical studies support their Signature and mpulse saunas.  But the studies cited appear to be studies of generic infrared and the standard solo carbon heaters.  Moreover it is stated that the mpulse sauna was shown to reduce blood pressure in a study conducted at the University of Missouri.  However, the mpulse was not produced until beginning in 2010 while that study cited was conducted in 2005.


Sunlighten Saunas – Not Recommended

As a result, Sunlighten saunas are not recommended.  When a review can be based on 10 consistent years of the same company producing the same saunas with an exceptional safety record and customer support, perhaps this brand can be recommended in the future.  We hope that can be the case in the future.

Instead, recommended are Clearlight saunas, which utilize carbon panels infused with ceramic for incredible detoxifying, penetrating infrared.  Also recommended are HealthMate saunas, based more on ceramic heater rods covered with incoloy providing a powerful, even heat.

These are both remarkable infrared saunas which carry strong warranties supported by many years of consistent products, powerful effective heaters and many satisfied customers.

Please see our top rated Saunas.

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Far Infrared Sauna Reviews – Best Infrared Sauna for You?

Making Sense of All the Infrared Sauna Reviews

The positive changes you will experience by owning one of the best infrared saunas on the market can often be nothing short of amazing.  But perhaps after reading even just a couple infrared sauna reviews, you are still wondering what really makes one brand different from the next.

A Sauna is a significant investment that you will own for many, many years, so you really want to choose the right one.  But many look nearly identical, making it difficult to distinguish between them.   And few have the quality to last for decades.  So how do you choose?

We have compiled all the information you need to make an easy and informed decision.  This is potentially one of the best decisions you can make for your health, and our sauna reviews are here to help guide you in that decision.


Which is the Best Infrared Sauna for You?

If you simply  want a easy answer, and you want to own one of the best infrared saunas available, you can go straight to the review of Clearlight Saunas or the Health Mate review and pick the model that fits what you need and the size you are looking for.  These are the best the industry has to offer – you cannot go wrong with either.

Unlike 95% of the saunas on the market, these will provide you with safe, non-toxic, well constructed models with lifetime warranties.  Both of these brands use powerful safe heaters which are a combination of carbon and ceramic and both use wood supplied from the same supplier.


Which Saunas Pass the Four Critical-Criteria Test?

You want your sauna to work properly, effectively help you accomplish your health goals and be a valuable unit that lasts a very long time.  Therefore, The four most important things to consider are safe EMF emission levels, non-toxic construction, actual power of the heaters and warranty.

  1. Wood and Glue Used in the Sauna Cabin

You obviously want a sauna that looks good and fits your decor (just ask any husband that has made a critical error in this area).  However the type of wood used is more important than how it looks. Thankfully all of our top recommendations also look Great.

The wood should be air and kiln dried only and not be of a type of wood which out gasses fumes when heated.  Additionally only water based glue or no glue should be used as other glue give off toxic fumes when heated.  It is counterproductive to deeply inhale these fumes as part of the detoxification process.  Don’t buy a cheap sauna.

As far as wood type, while cedar smells great and gives an look of elegance, a few people are allergic to Cedar fumes. So many companies offering saunas in cedar also offer an alternative. Health Mate and Clearlight offer a few varieties of wood with Clearlight offering its Essential Line (all the quality and benefits of its top line while being its lowest priced product line) in Hemlock.  Therasauna offers exclusively Aspen, basing that decision on wanting every saunas to be non-allergic for 100% of the market.


  1. No infrared sauna review is complete without discussing the actual power of the heaters themselves, although this is often an ignored component in many purchase decisions. It is the power of the heater and the actual infrared that penetrates the user’s skin that determines the amount of detoxification and health benefits you will receive.

Therasauna and Health Mate excel in this capacity as they have powerful heaters.  Clearlight also shines as it combines ceramic fibers into its carbon panels, the only manufacturer known to do this.  This combination gives the best detoxification effect you can find in a sauna.  A $700 sauna from a large store chain with unknown heaters will almost certainly be lacking in this.

Another brand, Rocky Mountain Saunas, has the standard carbon heaters which by themselves are inherently weaker. It also covers up to 60% of the heater surface with wooden slats, blocking a tremendous amount of the infrared which does not penetrate through wood very well. Refer to the review of this brand.  Avoid a sauna that uses this many wooden slats over the heaters.


  1. Although this one is a little technical, one of the most important criteria when considering any infrared sauna is the level of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) inside the sauna.  For safety, you want the EMF level to be anything below 3.0 Milligauss (mG).   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Swedish Government, and other Government Agencies have determined 3.0 mG to be the safe EMF level.

Ceramic heaters tend to naturally have lower EMF levels than Carbon Panel Heaters.  Some of the cheaper carbon heater saunas can have EMF levels or 30-50mG and some well over 100 mG.  However, the best sauna manufacturers have reduced their levels in recent years to below 5.0.  A few have EMF readings approaching zero when measured a few inches away from the heaters.  Clearlight Saunas, one of the early leaders in low-emf heaters, may be the only carbon panel manufacturer to not only have their levels tested by an independent lab, but to so also post those levels on their website.

  1. Lifetime Warranty.  That is what you want to look for. Out top recommendations all have lifetime warranties. The best saunas also have years of history of standing behind their products.  One well known, high priced brand, reviewed here, has changed their company name at least once in the past few years, voiding all warranties.  They also have a poor record for quality with many fires begin reported and verified.  Another brand, Vital Saunas, has many posted complaints on many different sites including complaints of fires.


In earning our title of Best Infrared Sauna on the market, our top recommended brands pass the test on all four of these Critical Criteria.  Your sauna should as well.


Additional Features

Chromotheapy (colored light therapy)

Control Panels on the Inside and Outside

Heaters behind and beside the lower legs

Heaters on the Front of the Cabin

Removable back rests


The Best

The top recommended brands that pass all the above tests are HealthMate (ceramic heater), as well as Clearlight (Carbon with Ceramic Fibers) and Therasauna.  Each brand uses different types of heaters, have different approaches to style and design, and cover a wide price range.  The individual reviews on these brands will help guide you to the best infrared sauna for your home.

For those on a restricted budget, a 4th brand to consider is Better Life Saunas.  We believe these to be a step down from the top three and the standard carbon panels in Better Life Saunas will not have the power of the carbon/ceramic True Wave panels used by Clearlight.  However, this brand is carried and sold by Therasauna, likely making it an acceptable alternative.