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Comparing Infrared Sauna Companies – Which is Best?

How do I decide between Sauna Companies?

Understanding which Sauna is best for you can be a time consuming and very frustrating decision as so much information seems to be conflicting.  And every company  claims  theirs are the best.

We have compiled some of the most important features to  consider and condensed them as much as possible into this comparison table.

Please Note: Full reviews for most companies and models are available and we highly recommend you read a few of them as this will make this table much more understandable.

Recommended Decision Process

  •  Understand some of the important decision criteria and features
  •  Read the reviews of the highly rated recommended Brands
  •  Return to this Comparison table
  •  Read the important questions to ask
  •  Visit the websites of a couple of the highly rated companies.  Tell them you read about them at ALL INFRARED SAUNAS.  A couple of the companies offer a better final price to my readers.


Want a Fast Decision Process?

You may be thinking to yourself “I just want a simple quicker decision process.” If this describes you I have this summary process.  You will be pleased with any of the following short suggestions.  None will disappoint.

  1. You just want fastest process, want the best and don’t want any regrets – Buy a Clearlight.  Clearlight has the best warranty, best detoxifying carbon panels, best value for the money, 3 simple easy to understand models.  Industry leader and innovator. Visit their site – their owners and salespeople offer low pressure informed help.
  2. If this is for an extremely chemically sensitive person, life has been adapted at home and work to avoid any plastic out gasses, etc, then Heavenly Heat or a Saunacore Medical grade is for you. Both are remarkably clean, air circulated units.  They leave out radios and speakers so  even minimal plastic out gassing is removed.
  3. If you want a very high end, customized cabin, Contact Saunacore.
  4. You absolutely only want a ceramic type heater? Buy a Health Mate, Heavenly Heat or Saunacore ceramic model.


Which do we own at our house?  Clearlight.  It was a very easy, clear decision.

Please Note:  One family member is allergic to dust and carpets, avoids perfumes, scented dryer sheets, etc and has no problem with our Clearlight.  I purchased our Clearlight Sauna with no discount or incentive from the company.  It was specifically chosen after a thorough decision process.  This entire site resulted from those months of research, after my Clearlight purchase.  My desire is to help you find the best product for you and your family, saving you dozens of hours of research and help you dramatically improve your health.



This Table lists, in approximate order of recommendation and quality the more well known brands that have varying degrees of actual Theraputic Value. There is no real need to look past the top four brands.


EMF Levels
Warranty HighlightsFeatures
ClearlightStarted by Doctor
18 Years Same Owner
Ceramic Infused
Carbon Panels
Best in Industry
Full Lifetime on
All Components
Best Buy
Pioneered Low EMF
Floor emitter below feet
Excellent Customer Service
SaunaCore30+ years Same
Standard Carbon
Ceramic Models
Traditional Heaters
Low <3.0Large Product Line
Offers Customization
A Pure Medical Line

Air Circulation
High End Models
Heater emitter below feet
Heavenly Heat27 years
Same Owner
Ceramic/Wet Combo
Low <3.0Lifetime on Heaters, Electrical & Construction
5 year on Control Panel
Designed for the Ultra Chemical Sensitive
Air Circulation
Functional over Astestics
Health Mate25+ years
Ceramic Rods with
Patented Alloy
Varies with models
Heaters: 1 year- Lifetime
Craftsmanship, controllers, power supply 3-5 years

Patented Tecoly
Supplies Wood to
Other Companies
Sunlighten7 years under
Sunlighten name
Formerly Sunlight 8 years
Models discontinued Warranties altered during name change
Signature -Standard Carbon
mPluse - Standard Carbon + 4 Near IR LED bulbs
Signature- Low <3.0
mpulse -10.0+
Limited to Max of 7 years
from site: "Limited Lifetime Warranty covers normal use for the lifetime of the product which is defined as 7 years..."
covers parts only
1 yr-sound systems
1 yr - chromotherapy
Well known brand
Higher pressure sales than other brands
Variable Customer Experiences
Near IR is four10-watt LEDs
VitalStandard Carbonlow <3.0Lifetime on cabinets Heaters & Controls.
1 year on Radio/CD players
Unclear on Wiring
Average mass produced product
Lower markup than most resellers
Rocky MountainStandard CarbonEMF has been lowered to <3.0Lifetime on wood and wiring
Lifetime Service warranty on Heaters
90 day-1 year on electronics
Reseller of mass produced product with higher markups
Numerous vertical Wood Slats block nearly half of infrared.
Good marketing
FinnleoStandard Carbon1-5 years on heaters controls & woodGood customer service
Heater emitter below feet
Average construction
Above average apperance




This group includes several mass produced brands that sell at places like Walmart, Costco, Amazon and Home Improvement Stores.

These saunas offer very little therapeutic value.  They are mainly for recreational purposes.  They heat up and produce a sweat but do not produce the resonance frequency necessary for fatty tissue detoxifying.  Some are no better than standing in sunlight for 20 minutes to produce some sweat.  The sweat produced from these saunas may feel good, but it is all surface sweat which may clean out some pores but does not improve your health in any meaningful way.

Some in this list do not have the critical necessary certifications discussed here, some will be out of business within a couple years leaving you without warranty repairs and some have high fire risks.


Golden Designs Saunas now ships its products under the name of Dynamic Saunas. These are commonly sold at Cosco, Amazon and  other retailers .  These are simply  mass produced low quality recreational products with limited therapeutic value.  They warm you up and cause a sweat with little to no deep tissue or fatty tissue detoxification due to no resonance or cell vibration.

Warranty is 1 year on Wood structures and radios with limited 7 year on heating and electronics.  The manufacturer of replacement parts can vary widely.

Ceramic heaters are inexpensive ceramic rods. The back panel flexes and bows and is stabilized by a couple buckles.

This is typical of mass produced $800-$1200 units.


“Quality Sauna Warehouse” – Elite, Deluxe, Zero EMF & Value lines. Price ranges $650 – $1440. Same as above summary for Golden Designs.  Recreational, low quality.

WaterStar by Cal Saunas. $1000 low quality.  1 year warranty.

Luxsauna – website now not available. Five years ago this was a popular brand like many other cheap one-hit-wonder types of companies.

icomfort brand- sold at Sears, Amazon, Costco.  Estimated Price $1500. Warranty 1 year on heaters, electrical and wood. Lacks control panel on outside.  User needs to step into the unit to turn it on.



Avoid any cheap recreational sauna and its here today, gone tomorrow parent company.  Invest in a true health changing infrared sauna.  Choose from one of the top four companies listed in the Theraputic Table.  Clearlight, Saunacore, Heavenly Heat or Health Mate.