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Vital Saunas – Better Infrared Options are Available

Vital Sauna Review – Mass Produced Infrared Saunas

Vital Saunas is a small reseller of Chinese mass-produced Infrared saunas.  Are they worth your money and will they provide true infrared therapeutic value for you?

Choosing the correct brand for you can make a dramatic positive change in your health.  This is one industry where value and benefit vary tremendously and is not always apparent.

Please read more about the real differences in the various companies and products as well as how this Vital Sauna review compares to the reviews of the top rated brands and comparison table.  In contrast, Clearlight,  Heavenly Heat or Health Mate will provide tremendous benefits invigorating you at the cellular level with massive detoxification.  This will not be experienced by an average brand, which is where Vital Saunas rate.

Infrared Saunas fall into three main quality groupings.  The top group provides exceptional healing and therapeutic benefit, the middle group provides some healing benefits and the lower group are purely recreational, providing little if any benefit.

Vital Saunas is an average company falling in the middle group.

95% of all brands sold in the US are mass produced on 4 Chinese assembly lines and Vital Sauna is one of these.  The middle group are then relabeled and resold by anyone willing to start an LLC company and begin selling products.  This is the approach Vital Saunas took in 2008.

Vital is simply a reseller of relabeled products found in dozens of other companies. How have they fared?  They have improved over time as a company and any history can easily be searched under company name.

In fact any company can be searched partly by searching their name with complaints.  Every company will likely have a couple but a lot of complaints suggests some problems.  One very prominent well known brand has a long list of dissatisfied customers with an entire customer-generated facebook page dedicated to customers posting about 6 month and longer waits on product delivery, replacement parts and even more serious problems.


Vital Sauna Heaters

Although claiming low EMFs (the dangerous Electromagnetic Fields), Vital has higher EMFs than many others in similar price range.  Their heaters are the average, standard carbon heaters used in most other brands.

This brand does lack a front heater which is really needed to produce better detoxification results.

The main disadvantage of using standard average heaters is threefold.  First, more heaters are needed up the sides and back of the cabin to produce enough heat to heat up the air.  This is typical of almost all units you view online.  Contrast this with Clearlight, a top rated company, whose heaters only need to be placed up to mid way, around should height, in the cabin.  Clearlight’s heaters are the most powerful carbon heaters in the entire industry using a convex shape and embedded ceramic fibers.  Clearlight pioneered ultra low emf that other companies have been trying to implement and is a standout brand for many reasons.

The second disadvantage of these average carbon heaters used is that they do need to reach high surface temperatures to warm up the cabin and by doing so pass by the optimal 9.4 mgs that produces true fatty tissue detoxification.  Infrared’s main benefit is getting close to this optimal resonance frequency that caused cellular resonance during which cells throw off the toxins.  This is similar to certain sound frequencies causing glass to begin to vibrate.

Without cellular resonance, toxins deep inside tissues are not released in the sweat.

While a Vital sauna is a better choice than the $1000 recreational units sold at so many chain stores, it is still a much inferior brand to Clearlight, Saunacore or Heavenly Heat Saunas.


Wood and Backrest

The wooden slats that cover and separate the user from the carbon heater panels are good but could be a little narrower to allow a bit more of the infrared to reach the user.  Infrared will not penetrate through wood so any slats, which all companies need to use if they want to protect the user and panels, should be as minimal as possible.  These are acceptable.

The backrest is ergonomically shaped and comfortable.  However the three horizontal pieces are very wide, blocking larger portions of the heat.  I believe it would be an improvement if this were minimized somewhat.



Vital has been in business for 7 years which is better than 40% of the industry’s companies that go out of business in a few years.

One thing that Vital Saunas does a bit better than most in the crowded average class is that for a reseller, they mark their products up a little less than most others.  This makes this brand a bit more appealing for someone wanting only an average product with a small to moderate amount of benefit.


Product Lines

Their Premiere Line is made of Hemlock and offers a 1-person up to a 5 person unit.  The cabin’s pieces are locked together with sturdy buckles which when used properly are a good method of securing the unit together.

Their Elite Line is made of Cedar with 1 to 5 person models ranging in prices from around $2000-$3200.


Other Features

Vital’s cabin, wood, construction, heaters and other features are simply average for the industry.  It does offer chromotherapy lights as an add on option, which are common with most brands.  It also offers an oxygen ionizer which is not common on most brands.  This is likely a custom feature obtained at the factory to offer differentiation from some other companies offering the exact same unit.

It also states having magnetic flux, magnets for magnetic therapy, which is used by only one other company.  These two options offer an appearance of uniqueness but are not needed for the infrared therapy.

In contrast, Clearlight has superior heating, standard choromotherpy lights and ceiling venting.  Saunacore and Heavenly Heat offer full cabin air circulation with the purest infrared saunas made anywhere.  Made in the USA and Canada, these superior brands utilize ultra clean #304 surgical grade stainless steel heaters with 96% efficiency.

Vital has been fairly good at their marketing over their 7 year history with heavy promotion in 2011 and 2015.  Care should be taken when reading some of the online promotion of the brand that appeared in 2011 and continuing as much of it is camouflaged company originated material, a common practice with some in the industry.



The company has a very good warranty, covering heaters, cabin and electronics with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.  This is actually a good warranty for this mid level group of companies.

Radio and speakers carry a 1 year warranty.



Vital Sauna is a small reseller with a couple exclusive features selling average products that are sold with a relatively honest approach and less markup than most mass produced resellers.  But they are still mass produced resellers like dozens of others.  These will warm you up and cause a sweat with some degree of detoxification.

Their customer service is a bit better than most and good to work with.  This is a lower budget sauna for those not wanting to wait to save up for a solid brand.  If you purchase one be realistic about what you are buying.  If you are very chemically sensitive or need deep detoxifying, this in likely not the brand for you.

However, if you are serious about your deep health and real detoxification, spend a little more money and get a Clearlight, Health Mate, Heavenly Heat or the Purity line from Saunacore. The difference you will experience will be remarkable.

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Heavenly Heat Saunas – Review & Interview

Heavenly Heat Saunas – Ultra Pure Detoxification

Heavenly Heat Sauna company has a fantastic reputation in the industry for having ultra clean saunas.  This review is actually an easy and fun review to complete as the company and its infrared saunas are so different from the almost all others in the industry.


So what makes Heavenly Heat Saunas so different?

Purity – They are built with pure, clean detoxification in mind.  They are targeted primarily for people with extreme chemical sensitivities or existing chemical injuries, not using any glues or toxic materials in their construction.  Only the highest grade of what they call “clear” white poplar is used.  Even the glass window gaskets are made from pieces of poplar rather than synthetics.  The light fixtures are glass and metal rather than plastic housings for the bulbs, eliminating even that small amount of plastic out gassing.

Hopefully it is obvious that this approach that Bob Morgan, the owner, has taken with the company is so very different from 95% of all companies.  As mentioned before, 90% of all saunas sold in the US are mass produced in 4 factories in China and simply resold under different brand names.

Hand Built in the USA – In direct contrast to the China mass produced units, if you purchase a Heavenly Heat Sauna, you will own a product manufactured in the USA since 1988 and designed to last for decades.  These are hand built using stainless steel screws instead of glues or nails as almost all others are.

The only other company that builds it products in North America using the cleanest components available is Saunacore, located in Canada.


Powerful Ceramic Heaters

The heaters used are purchased from Saunacore in Canada, the only other company to produce premium ultra pure infrared saunas.  Saunacore manufactures these heaters from medical 304 surgical stainless steel. They are non corrosive, do not give out any toxic metal fumes and with a concave shape are 96% efficient.  Most old style ceramic tube heaters in the industry are 50% effective.

User controlled Heater – Another interesting feature is the ability of the user to control the temperature of the heater closest to their body.


Powerful Functionality over Aesthetics

It should be noted that one thing that is instantly apparent is that the units also look much different than virtually all others in the industry.  They are built more for functionality than for aesthetics. While this could be a reason for some to not gravitate towards this company as they prefer a sauna to look like a finished, varnished beautiful piece of furniture, it is also a positive aspect for those that desperately need a medically- focused sauna.

Dr William Rea, a cardiovascular and surgeon considered the foremost authority on chemical sensitivity has used a Heavenly Heat Sauna personally and for his patients since 1994, demonstrating how effective Heavenly Heat products are.

However, anyone would be benefited greatly by Heavenly Heat, not just the chemically sensitive.  These have the most powerful ceramic heater available anywhere and the cleanest cabin of any company, providing detoxification and health benefits that are virtually unequaled.



One thing I wish the company would improve is the look of its website as the product images do not always portray the units in the best light.  However it is clear to see that the focus of this company is caring for each individual customer and on building extremely functional and detoxifying units, not on glossy fancy marketing.

Don’t be misled by companies that have that reversed.  There is one very popular brand that has that backwards with glitzy marketing, product gimmicks but a lack of real quality in its products.

The main purpose for an infrared sauna is true deep tissue detoxification and Heavenly Heat Saunas excel in this regard.

Two highly respected detoxification programs designed for the chemically injured are located at the EHC-Dallas and the Nova Scotia-EHC which is the clinic for Canadians that have been diagnosed with “multiple chemical” sensitivities.  Both of these clinics have used Heavenly Heat infrared saunas for years.


Air Circulation and Ventilation

These are one of only two manufacturers that circulates the air.  The other being Saunacore which also manufactures a remarkably clean Purity Medical Line.

Air is brought in underneath the heaters and vented out the top of the cabin.  This not only circulates the air, but it also is removing the toxins you sweat out while you are in the unit.

Air Filter – As the air is vented out the top of the unit, it is passed through a carbon filter.  The idea is – why inhale the toxins in the ambient room air once you finish your infrared therapy session?  This is the only company I am aware of that has this feature.  Again, these have been designed with one thing in mind – provide the ultimate clean, pure experience for those desperately needing detoxification.  Which is really all of us.

But that does not mean these should only be owned by that small percentage of users that are extremely chemically sensitive. Anyone can benefit from this level of purity.


A Small Company with a Dedicated Owner

This is a small company, started in 1988 by Bob Morgan who is still the owner.  This is rare in the industry as 90% of companies are short lived businesses.  In fact, 40% of companies  selling these products that existed 10 years ago are no longer in business.  Other companies such as Clearlight, which was started by a Doctor 18 years ago and still owned by him, and Saunacore share this same reputation for longevity and reliability.

In fact, when you call the company, Bob is the person that will answer the phone and talk with you.  But don’t let the smallness give you the wrong impression.  Heavenly Heat is an extremely high quality company and their saunas are remarkable.

In short, if you choose a Heavenly Heat Sauna, you will have a product  that will last you for decades and provide detoxification that is likely unrivaled.

Another benefit of the company and its size and Bob Morgan’s dedication to people’s health is that you will receive clear, expert information and advice with a very low pressure approach.  This is a very welcome change from what customers receive from a couple other large companies in this industry.


Product Lines

Again the company offers a bit different options than most competitors.

Far infrared – They have a straightforward far infrared sauna line using ceramic heaters with options for a one, two, three or four person sauna. The one person unit has the door on the side allowing for an additional heater to be directly in front of you when you are seated.

These include the passive air circulation, filtered air vent and pure construction materials.

Traditional – Here is another way the company differentiates itself from most other companies as it also offers a traditional line. This offers the consumer a wet sauna experience inside a toxin-free cabin that is also portable in contrast to most traditional types which are permanently built in one spot.

CombinationA combination traditional and infrared unit that is a traditional sauna with both types of heaters, wet and infrared, in one unit. As they use infrared ceramic heaters that are premium, 304 surgical stainless steel, the heaters will not corrode as most ceramic heaters do. These heaters are purchased from Saunacore in Canada.


Lifetime Warranty

Heavenly Heat Saunas carry an excellent Warranty.  Most of the parts are covered for life including labor and shipping.  This includes the heaters, wood construction and electronics.  The only part carrying less is the control panels which carry a 5 year warranty.

With all of the qualities of this company being crafted with such attention to exactness, I wish the control panels also carried a lifetime warranty which would give it a warranty equal to the best in the industry which is offered by Clearlight, a top rated and recommended brand.

But even with this one section of the warranty being a 5 year coverage, this is an excellent warranty.


Overall this is a company the excels in quality with a complete focus on helping each customer as an individual improve their health.  Its infrared saunas are highly recommended.

Should you choose to purchase from Heavenly Heat, you will own something that will not only last for decades, but dramatically improve your health and wellness.  You can see how this company stacks up against other brands in this comparison table.

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Saunacore Infrared Saunas – Are They the Highest Quality?

Saunacore Infrared Saunas – Obsessed with Quality?

Saunacore claims its mission is to be obsessed with quality in building its Infrared saunas as well as its Traditional indoor and outdoor units.  Does this hold up under close scrutiny?  Short answer is yes it does.  And this company is vastly different than 95% of its competitors.

But for you, the consumer wanting to know which infrared sauna is the best for you and how will one of their units benefit you, does this obsession to quality benefit you?

Again, the short answer is that for those desiring a medically pure sauna for extremely chemically sensitive people or wanting a customized options, this is one of only two companies in the industry that should even be considered.

However, these are not limited to just the chemically ill patient. For the average person wanting an in home sauna therapy, this is still one of the top, if not the top company to consider. You do not have to be an ultra chemically sensitive to own one.  It simply means you will have that extra detoxification and safety for yourself as well.


How Saunacore Infrared Saunas are Superior

What instantly makes them different from 95% of all other companies is that they are the actual Manufacturer.  90% of all saunas sold in the US are mass produced in one of 4  factories in China, most of which use greatly inferior materials.

When wanting actual detoxification and healing, the materials used and how they are combined and put together is what determines whether or not, and how much, you actually benefit from its use.

For informed consumers a close examination of this company’s products reveals tremendous quality differences that will positively affect your health during your infrared sessions.  The heaters are where the greatest benefits for you exist.


What Infrared Sauna Heaters are used?

This is one area the company stands almost alone above all others. The ceramic heaters used are premium medical grade, 304 surgical stainless steel.  What this means is when in use, there are no metal fumes being released by the heaters.  Companies which used out dated sand filled ceramic tube heaters are in fact producing some of the very toxins you are trying to eliminate out of your body.

These are the purest ceramic heaters in the industry.  It is interesting to note that one other highly rated company, Heavenly Heat Sauna, buys and uses heaters from Saunacore.  In fact Heavenly Heat’s units and the Horizon Purity line from Saunacore (page 32 of their brochure) are the only ultra-pure units and are the ones recommended for those that are extremely chemically sensitive or already chemically ill.  While Heavenly heat manufacturers only the one extremely clean product line, Saunacore also manufacturers other lines.  However its Purity line is equaled perhaps only by Heavenly Heat.

The heaters are also concave providing up to 96%  efficiency in directing the infrared to your body.  Understand that many inexpensive (read cheap) products using ceramic rod heaters have efficiency of 50% or less.  Many companies use inexpensive heaters that were actually designed for purposes such as drying paint on automobiles and other non-sauna related purposes.


What Other Materials Does Saunacore use?

The company is very particular about the woods and other components used in constructing the wood cabins.  In the Infra-core line, very little glues are used and those used are water based non toxic glues.  The Purity line uses no adhesives at all and no varnishes or finishes.  Non corrosive screws are used to secure the wood pieces together.


Horizon Purity Line

This is the Medical grade line designed for home use.  It is their purest line using only non-corrosive screws to assemble the cabin.  The wood used is solid poplar or cedar.  I do think this sauna could be improved a little.  A stereo and speakers does come with this unit which I would actually prefer to see not included when designed for the ultra chemically sensitive. For 99% of users, however, this should not be an issue at all.

Additionally I wish the air circulation system was included in this line.  However Saunacore has informed me that the Opti-Cool circulation system was omitted to allow this line to be priced as affordable for home use.

This is still one of the absolute cleanest units you can find.


Opti-Cool Air Circulation in the Infa-Core Line

The company’s large product line of Infa-Core units have a unique optimization cooling system which cools and circulates the air inside the cabin.  A fan brings in cool outside air and circulates that in the cabin and out a ceiling vent and out each heater and through the hollow venting inside the cabin walls.   This is an expensive process that provides two great benefits for you.

First, it vents out the toxins you are excreting through sweat and provides additional comfort.  Secondly ceramic heaters are known for being very hot.  The cooler an infrared heater is, the closer it gets to a better resonance frequency for your body’s cells and the better the body’s cells shake off toxins.

There is a lot of technical work that goes into this but basically your body will detox better with this circulation than with the exact same unit that does not have this. Combine this with the already vastly superior ceramic heaters and it is a combination that is unbeaten in the industry. Please re-read and understand that last sentence.  It is the key to these remarkable health supporting products.

The only other manufacturer that has an air circulation system is Heavenly Heat, which as mentioned, also uses Saunacore’s medical grade heaters and is also obsessed with purity.

These Infa-Core air circulated units are designed with a wellness clinic or medical related office in mind.  In these settings often the units are run 8-10  hours a day with up to 20 patients using them each day.  The air circulation not only cleans the air but keeps the units cooler throughout the day.  40% of the company’s infrared units are sold for these types of medical applications.  60% end up in residential homes.

These do lack a carbon filter for the expelled air as Heavenly Heat uses, but these move more air than Heavenly Heat.


Infra-Floor Heating

The high end Infra-Core line also offers an optional upgrade which includes full floor heating.  This same concept is offered standard with only two other companies , Heavenly Heat and Clearlight, although Sauncaore’s is full floor heating.  The heat is 12 watts per square foot which is a low heat, enough to keep the feet  from becoming the coldest part of the body.  The feet contain almost 20,000 pores and there are strong opinions that this infrared to the feet can add an extra benefit.


Finn-Core Line

Finn-Core is their lower end line targeted to compete directly with the typical units sold by most mid-grade companies.  It is superior to the 90% of mass produced $1000 ones sold at large retail chains but not exceptional compared to a few other brands. I believe Clearlight’s lines would be superior to this Finn Core line with its stronger heating panels and better warranty.



Infra-Core and Horizon Purity line carries a 5 year warranty on parts with lifetime coverage on the heaters. While this is a great warranty, I wish the parts other than the heater carried a longer warranty then 5 years.  This is an impressive company producing products that will likely last your for decades.  Perhaps in the future the warranties will increase, more accurately reflecting this.

However, this is still a great warranty on products that will likely never disappoint any owner.

The lower end Finn-Core carry only 1 year on parts and 5 year on the heater.


Traditional Line

The company also offers Traditional Steam units for indoor or outdoor use in many styles as well as stand-alone electric and wood burning heaters to be used as add on parts.  It also sells DIY kits and parts including doors and heaters.

Their accessory line includes thermometers, foot massagers, steam controllers, chromo therapy color lights and other related items.  This company has an expansive product line and has all aspects of beneficial sweating and detoxification therapy covered.


Review Summary

If you are wanting to own a customized sauna or the best the industry has to offer and price is not a factor, you should look no further.  You will not do better than Saunacore.

For a medical practice with daily patient use, this company and Heavenly Heat should be your top considerations.  Both actually manufacturer their own units and provide air circulation.

For home use with an ultra chemically sensitive person their Purity Line is rivaled only by Heavenly Heat. The Purity is also  ideal for any home for the average person.

If you are looking for a high quality sauna with a price on the lower end of high end units, I think Clearlight offers better options than Saunacore’s lower end Finn-Core line.  As well, for 95% of users, Clearlight’s units offer exceptional detoxification.


If you are serious about wanting an infrared sauna that will truly improve your health, I suggest you seriously consider this company and study the comparison table as well as read the reviews of Clearlight and Heavenly Heat.

Please remember that 90% of all saunas are mass produced in 4 factories in China and are simply purchased and then re-sold by “re-sellers” with different names in the US.  Some of these are average units producing average results and some are sub-par and more for recreational use with little to no therapeutic value for the user.


Saunacore actually manufactures its own saunas which is what allows it to offer not only customized cabins, customized heater placements, glass doors etched with company logos, etc, but also allows it to build pure, quality units from exceptionally superior components.

You would never be disappointed with a sauna from Saunacore.

To your Health.

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Comparing Infrared Sauna Companies – Which is Best?

How do I decide between Sauna Companies?

Understanding which Sauna is best for you can be a time consuming and very frustrating decision as so much information seems to be conflicting.  And every company  claims  theirs are the best.

We have compiled some of the most important features to  consider and condensed them as much as possible into this comparison table.

Please Note: Full reviews for most companies and models are available and we highly recommend you read a few of them as this will make this table much more understandable.

Recommended Decision Process

  •  Understand some of the important decision criteria and features
  •  Read the reviews of the highly rated recommended Brands
  •  Return to this Comparison table
  •  Read the important questions to ask
  •  Visit the websites of a couple of the highly rated companies.  Tell them you read about them at ALL INFRARED SAUNAS.  A couple of the companies offer a better final price to my readers.


Want a Fast Decision Process?

You may be thinking to yourself “I just want a simple quicker decision process.” If this describes you I have this summary process.  You will be pleased with any of the following short suggestions.  None will disappoint.

  1. You just want fastest process, want the best and don’t want any regrets – Buy a Clearlight.  Clearlight has the best warranty, best detoxifying carbon panels, best value for the money, 3 simple easy to understand models.  Industry leader and innovator. Visit their site – their owners and salespeople offer low pressure informed help.
  2. If this is for an extremely chemically sensitive person, life has been adapted at home and work to avoid any plastic out gasses, etc, then Heavenly Heat or a Saunacore Medical grade is for you. Both are remarkably clean, air circulated units.  They leave out radios and speakers so  even minimal plastic out gassing is removed.
  3. If you want a very high end, customized cabin, Contact Saunacore.
  4. You absolutely only want a ceramic type heater? Buy a Health Mate, Heavenly Heat or Saunacore ceramic model.


Which do we own at our house?  Clearlight.  It was a very easy, clear decision.

Please Note:  One family member is allergic to dust and carpets, avoids perfumes, scented dryer sheets, etc and has no problem with our Clearlight.  I purchased our Clearlight Sauna with no discount or incentive from the company.  It was specifically chosen after a thorough decision process.  This entire site resulted from those months of research, after my Clearlight purchase.  My desire is to help you find the best product for you and your family, saving you dozens of hours of research and help you dramatically improve your health.



This Table lists, in approximate order of recommendation and quality the more well known brands that have varying degrees of actual Theraputic Value. There is no real need to look past the top four brands.


EMF Levels
Warranty HighlightsFeatures
ClearlightStarted by Doctor
18 Years Same Owner
Ceramic Infused
Carbon Panels
Best in Industry
Full Lifetime on
All Components
Best Buy
Pioneered Low EMF
Floor emitter below feet
Excellent Customer Service
SaunaCore30+ years Same
Standard Carbon
Ceramic Models
Traditional Heaters
Low <3.0Large Product Line
Offers Customization
A Pure Medical Line

Air Circulation
High End Models
Heater emitter below feet
Heavenly Heat27 years
Same Owner
Ceramic/Wet Combo
Low <3.0Lifetime on Heaters, Electrical & Construction
5 year on Control Panel
Designed for the Ultra Chemical Sensitive
Air Circulation
Functional over Astestics
Health Mate25+ years
Ceramic Rods with
Patented Alloy
Varies with models
Heaters: 1 year- Lifetime
Craftsmanship, controllers, power supply 3-5 years

Patented Tecoly
Supplies Wood to
Other Companies
Sunlighten7 years under
Sunlighten name
Formerly Sunlight 8 years
Models discontinued Warranties altered during name change
Signature -Standard Carbon
mPluse - Standard Carbon + 4 Near IR LED bulbs
Signature- Low <3.0
mpulse -10.0+
Limited to Max of 7 years
from site: "Limited Lifetime Warranty covers normal use for the lifetime of the product which is defined as 7 years..."
covers parts only
1 yr-sound systems
1 yr - chromotherapy
Well known brand
Higher pressure sales than other brands
Variable Customer Experiences
Near IR is four10-watt LEDs
VitalStandard Carbonlow <3.0Lifetime on cabinets Heaters & Controls.
1 year on Radio/CD players
Unclear on Wiring
Average mass produced product
Lower markup than most resellers
Rocky MountainStandard CarbonEMF has been lowered to <3.0Lifetime on wood and wiring
Lifetime Service warranty on Heaters
90 day-1 year on electronics
Reseller of mass produced product with higher markups
Numerous vertical Wood Slats block nearly half of infrared.
Good marketing
FinnleoStandard Carbon1-5 years on heaters controls & woodGood customer service
Heater emitter below feet
Average construction
Above average apperance




This group includes several mass produced brands that sell at places like Walmart, Costco, Amazon and Home Improvement Stores.

These saunas offer very little therapeutic value.  They are mainly for recreational purposes.  They heat up and produce a sweat but do not produce the resonance frequency necessary for fatty tissue detoxifying.  Some are no better than standing in sunlight for 20 minutes to produce some sweat.  The sweat produced from these saunas may feel good, but it is all surface sweat which may clean out some pores but does not improve your health in any meaningful way.

Some in this list do not have the critical necessary certifications discussed here, some will be out of business within a couple years leaving you without warranty repairs and some have high fire risks.


Golden Designs Saunas now ships its products under the name of Dynamic Saunas. These are commonly sold at Cosco, Amazon and  other retailers .  These are simply  mass produced low quality recreational products with limited therapeutic value.  They warm you up and cause a sweat with little to no deep tissue or fatty tissue detoxification due to no resonance or cell vibration.

Warranty is 1 year on Wood structures and radios with limited 7 year on heating and electronics.  The manufacturer of replacement parts can vary widely.

Ceramic heaters are inexpensive ceramic rods. The back panel flexes and bows and is stabilized by a couple buckles.

This is typical of mass produced $800-$1200 units.


“Quality Sauna Warehouse” – Elite, Deluxe, Zero EMF & Value lines. Price ranges $650 – $1440. Same as above summary for Golden Designs.  Recreational, low quality.

WaterStar by Cal Saunas. $1000 low quality.  1 year warranty.

Luxsauna – website now not available. Five years ago this was a popular brand like many other cheap one-hit-wonder types of companies.

icomfort brand- sold at Sears, Amazon, Costco.  Estimated Price $1500. Warranty 1 year on heaters, electrical and wood. Lacks control panel on outside.  User needs to step into the unit to turn it on.



Avoid any cheap recreational sauna and its here today, gone tomorrow parent company.  Invest in a true health changing infrared sauna.  Choose from one of the top four companies listed in the Theraputic Table.  Clearlight, Saunacore, Heavenly Heat or Health Mate.