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Clearlight Sauna Features

Clearlight Saunas features and Benefits

Clearlight is a company founded by Dr. Raleigh Duncan  almost 2 decades ago in an attempt to provide quality saunas that are safe to use in a market full of inferior and sometimes dangerous saunas.  The company was the first to offer truly low to no-emf infrared saunas and a few sauna companies have now attempted to copy their results.

The company doesn’t not just state low emf but they back that up with independent test results.   Those results are posted on this website.  EMF, which surrounds us daily  form all forms of electronic devices, can be dangerous and harmful to long term health if exposed at high levels.  Currently Clearlight’s saunas are nearly zero EMF with ratings of 0.2 mgs.  Many other saunas have EMF ratings of 10-30 and at least one over 100.

A second feature of the Clearlight saunas which provides tremendous benefits are the heaters themselves.  Many heaters are weak carbon or even sprayed on carbon with offers little to no infrared benefits at all.  Comparing saunas, many look the same with barbon heaters extending nearly up to the ceiling at the back and on the sides.  This if often done to condensate for the low output heaters that are used in inferior saunas.  This is needed to provide enough heat to warm up the interior of the sauna.

 Better Heaters

It is very noticeable that Clearlights heaters extend only about halfway up the sides of the sauna interior, stopping about at the shoulder level.   This is main due to the powerful heaters the company uses.  Their heaters are actually a combination of the beneficial Carbon heaters with Ceramic fibers in the carbon.  The ceramic provided stronger, focused heat.  This provides the user with a faster warm up time and better infrared penetration.  As well, the cranium itself is not directly heated as there is no real need to heat up a users head.

Heaters behind the legs and to the sides and importantly also in the front provided infrared to the entire body.

Another critical aspect of a safe sauna is one that does not use any toxic glues or other chemical in and on the wood.  Heating those toxic chemical in a confined space combined with deep breathing is a situation that, while prevalent with cheaper saunas, should be avoided entirely.

The benches on the upper lines of saunas have reversible benches, chromotherapy, smart phone charging stations and many other features not found on their Essential line of saunas.

Half of the models can be plugged into an normal 15 amp socket without requiring  additional wiring.  The others require a 20 amp socket.

Infrared saunas provide a host of health benefits including cardiovascular improvements, improved skin condition, heavy metals detox far more than a traditional sauna, relief of joint pain, weight loss and improved sleep.

Saunas are air dried and carry a lifetime warranty which few other companies offer and covers everything on the sauna, wood, heaters, even the Radio.   The heaters are rated for 30,000 hours of use.  The only thing not covered for a lifetime are the lights and this warranty has the backing of over 15 year history of the company.

The saunas are first assembled at the factory, run for 8 hours and then disassembled and shipped. The assembly of the saunas, which arrives pre-wired,  requires no tools as the panels snap together.  Assembly takes about 1 hour for 2 poeple and assembly instructions are provided.

Infrared saunas are one of the best things a person can do to improve their health and AllInfraredSaunas will provide the sauna and information to help anyone make the proper choice for a sauna that will fit their needs.