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About Us

All sauna companies claim to be the best – HOW DO I DECIDE?  That is what this site is all about.

All Infrared Saunas was founded out of a passion to share how much our Infrared sauna has helped our family and to help others make an informed and good decision when buying a sauna. One of our family members dealt with soft tissue damage for years with no relief.  Only after buying our sauna did any permanent healing begin.  The potential detoxification and healing from a real infrared sauna that deeply detoxes the cells can be truly dramatic.

Our search and buying decision encompassed months of research and talking with owners and representatives from several companies.  After dozens and dozens of hours, we understood what many don’t realize.  That with an infrared sauna, there is a HUGE difference in what health benefit you will experience depending on what sauna you use.  Most may warm you up and cause a sweat but that is no indication of any amount of detoxification or healing.

In fact, the lower the temperature and the slower the sweat, very often the more benefit is received.  It is all dependent on the resonance frequency (vibration) and how much the cells vibrate to throw off toxins.

This industry is cluttered with saunas that offer little therapeutic value and many brands that make very misleading claims.  And price does not always indicate value.  This causes a great deal of confusion for consumers as well as wasting many hours trying to sort through all the marketing hype.

We have done most of the tedious research – so you don’t have to.


Guiding Principles

There are some good principles. If the company does not have the basic certifications – walk away.  If the price is below $1500 you are buying a recreational sauna that offers very little healing.  If there is very high sales pressure and vague answers to your questions, even if it is a well known brand, look elsewhere.  If the company has been operating under different names, has changed its name or warranties or is in business for less than 10 years, find a better company.


Please study our comparison page and comparison table carefully.  Then look at the top 4 rated brands.  In there you will find a sauna that will help anyone.


To Your Health,